July 31, 2013

So. A LOT of stuff has happened since I was last keeping up with this blog. I'll probably delve into it later, but for the moment let's leave it at these two points:

1) We moved to San Francisco.
2) We finished the living room.

That last one is the big news. We moved into an amazing, huge house that needed a TON of painting/ cleaning before it ceased to skeeve us out. So to finally have a whole entire room done is big news around these parts.

We painted the walls in Behr's Silver Drop and all of the trim and fireplace in Snowy Pine. I love that you think the walls are white until you see it in relation to the trim.

Couch: Karlstad from Ikea (cover no longer available)
Throw pillows: World Market/ Marshall's (unavailable online)
Throw blanket: Eivor from Ikea
Entertainment Stand: Besta from Ikea
Fan: Similar Hunter from Target
Purple chair: Similar Flax at World Market
Picture ledge: Ribba from Ikea
Rug: From estate sale
Coffee table: Made by us, legs from Etsy

And the other direction:

Milo bed: Marshall's
Fiddle leaf fig: Ikea
Fiddle leaf fig pot: Bigarra from Ikea
Wing back chair: Strandmon from Ikea
Geometric throw pillow: Lappljung Ruta from Ikea
Metal barristers case: Thrifted
George Washington portrait: Thrifted

1 comment:

  1. Love the coffee table! And I think I have the exact same trunk as you...I bought mine 8 years ago and it still smells so strongly of moth balls that I have to keep it in the garage. Wish I could bring mine into our living room!